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Beauty and The Beat D.J. Services

                (770) 365-2156               
 "Entertaining the Southeast Since 1999"

We offer the best Wedding packages in the Southeast!

Wedding Service and Ceremonies are one of Beauty and The Beat's favorite events.  We take pride in working with each Bride and Groom to make sure that your wedding day is filled with special memories.  We meet ahead of time with our clients and go over the flow of the day, any special music requested, and other services the Bride and Groom may need.  Our costs include all music, lighting, and any special equipment  required.  There are never any hidden costs.  

"Call for pricing" 

Wedding Day (Whip It) Nae Nae!!

                                          Mummer's Strut is the way to start a Reception ! 

DJ Ricky and a Beautiful Bride on her special day.

Smiling Brides and Grooms with Ricky D and DJ Los! 

John and Jennifer looking incredibly happy on their May Wedding Day.

Wedding Receptions should Rock!!!  
This one did.  May 2017

The Bride and Bridesmaids made the D.J. "Work" LOL  Afternoon Weddings can, and do, rock the house,

"What they say about Beauty and The Beat"

Hey Ricky,

The wedding was awesome. Everyone we talked to had something great to say about you and the way the music was all night. I’ve given your info to a couple people who said they’d like to use you in the future for parties or what not.  
We will definitely give you reviews on Facebook or any other social media you’d prefer. 
Thanks again for helping out with our night!
Ben McBryant  June 29, 2018

Hey Ricky,

All is well, wishing the same for you! Thanks for the follow up. The day turned out great. I was a bit surprised at some of the folks dancing, like my dad, never seen that before.  Especially considering how early in the day it was and seeing there is was no liquor being served. We were happy they we’re able to cut loose for a while. We had a great time and really couldn’t have asked for more. We were happy that you were getting into it too and your experience was easy to see.  We appreciate all you did! Thanks again!. 

Seagers Wedding 2018

We thought you were the perfect fit for our wedding.
 Thank you so much for your personable nature and fun-loving spirit.  We enjoyed having you celebrate with us. 
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  :)
Bianca Manahu (Bride 12/19/2017)

Hey Ricky,

Thank you so much for all the enthusiasm you put in to Maria and Chris’s wedding. I know that they had a great evening! I would love to get some info from you about the company. Always helps to have information to submit to our clients.

Hope to see you soon,

Annie Cave  (Wedding Coordinator Barnsley Gardens Resort)

Hey Rich! (agent for the event)

 Sorry for the delayed response. We just got back into town from our honeymoon.

I have nothing but great things to say about Ricky. He was honestly the best guy for our wedding - you couldn't have recommended a better DJ. My mom and dad both said they loved him, and I received numerous other comments (good ones) from guests and relatives stating he was a big hit

Oh, and the guy gave me a hug at the end of the reception (as I was thanking him) just before we we made our exit! I know some people might find that a little odd, but he really came off as a solid family guy and made our wedding a very special day. I appreciate him being down to earth and non-corporate with us. I would definitely use him again if the need arose, and I have no problem recommending him to anyone else I know who may need a DJ in the future.

Thanks again for all your time and

Incredible May 2018 Wedding. Buford, GA. 

A fantastic time at the Bradford House in Flowery Branch.